My Vegetable Garden One Year On

Like the current National government my garden’s been in for a year now however it certainly looks a lot healthier than our economy. Hard to believe that it was one year ago today that I began turning the first sods to create our new vegetable garden. It’s been a lot of hard work and the time has flown but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

These photos are just some of the many I’ve taken over that period.

The blisters and sweat part of the project began right here.

Turning The First Turf

Below: In February the new garden was looking good and producing plenty of fresh vegetables.

Vegetable Garden In Late February

Things were winding down in mid March as we enjoyed the last of the corn.


A rather bare garden in mid April, amazingly I was still harvesting a few tomatoes.

Garden At The End of Growing Season

Late April and loading up the garden with corn stalks and other organic matter. This was necessary to improve the soil for next season.

Adding Organic Matter

May was only days away when I decided that a bigger garden was needed so I set about digging up more of the back lawn.

Our Back Lawn

Doing a little each day it took me about ten days to complete the job.

Garden No 2

It was time to add compost and horse manure. The weather was brilliant but it proved to be a hard graft. My “apprentice” volunteered his services for the day which was great.

Unloading Horse Manure

Bought the horse manure on Trade Me for one dollar.

Horse Manure Heaped on Garden

I wasn’t in a hurry therefore it took a few weeks to spread. Also erected second trellis for growing beans.

Manure Spread On Garden

June and the frosts arrived. Nothing much happened in the garden as the ground was cold and wet. Fallen leaves were used as mulch.

Holding Ice Made by Winter Frost

Cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli planted out in July. The sheet ice I’m holding formed in the wheel barrow overnight.

Cabbage Cauliflower and Broccoli Plants

Dug the garden over in August but it was rather wet. Not an ideal time to do so but I needed the horse manure and compost worked into the soil. Strawberries planted.

Dug Over Garden

September had arrived and my green thumbs were itching to get planting as the winter had been long, cold and wet. After leaning against the back wall of the garage for 6 months the third trellis was finally put in place to cater for runner beans.

First rows of carrots and beetroot sown.


October and we planted the potatoes.

Planting Potatoes

My garden today, thankfully a far cry from those earlier days.

“Happy Earthday” you’re ONE.

My Garden On Its First Birthday

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  1. vrtlaricaana
    vrtlaricaana |

    It’s so nice to see and read how your garden developed. It looks beautiful!
    You have a lovely blog. I will sure visit again.

  2. Cathryn
    Cathryn |

    Love your garden, must be very satisfying after all your hard work. Can you tell me how long after you dug the horse manure in did you begin planting?

  3. Lydia
    Lydia |

    Congratulations Rodney on a wonderful garden. You’re an inspiration to many people including some novice ones like me. I admire you efforts, your ingenuity and your results. Well done :))

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