From Wanaka To Whangarei Tui Are Discovering This Magical Tui Feeder

Back in March when I erected the first tui feeder in our back garden little did I imagine how popular this product would become. As the orders steadily increased I have refined my manufacturing process so that they can be made quickly whilst retaining A1 quality. This is very important to me therefore every feeder that leaves the workshop is carefully checked.

Tui Feeding From Tui Feeder

The full range of tui feeders can be viewed by visiting the “Garden Shop” above however I felt the time had come to devote a blog post to our most sought after product. Below are just a few of the many photographs taken during the last eight months of the tui feeder being trialed at different sites in our garden. As we live on a life style property there are plenty of  locations offering picturesque back drops.

Tui Feeding From Tui Feeder

Above is the original prototype which was first trialed in March. The pole mounted model is designed with a wooden sleeve attached to it’s base which allows it to slide on to the top of a waratah standard. This method works well especially when finding the optimum location for attracting tuis. To relocate all that’s required are strong arms to pull out the standard plus a good heavy hammer to bang it into the ground.

Unfortunately rats also like the tui feeder and regularly climb up to drink the sweetened water. On our’s I have installed a plastic sleeve half way up the waratah to stop them. This has had limited success therefore I intend to install an aluminium or stainless steel sleeve which should work much better.

Often at night I will clamp a rat trap to the feeding platform which usually eliminates the offender but I can’t leave the trap set over night because if I fail to catch a rat I’m bound to snare a tui.

Dread the thought!

Tui Feeder Jumbo 3 Litre Model

This is the Jumbo 3 litre model for situations where the feeder can’t be refilled on a regular weekly basis.

Tui Feeder Wet And Dry Model

The “Wet & Dry Tui Feeder is the latest addition to the range and came about due to a number of requests for a bigger base tray upon which other types of food could be placed.

Tui Feeder On Pulley Wheel

Having the unit set up on a pulley wheel prevents rats from accessing the food and allows the tuis to feed in safety free from predators.

Forret Green Tui Feeder On Waratah Standard

Many of the feeders sold are stained with two coats of oil based stain as this adds a nice finishing touch and helps to prolong the life of the feeder and protect it against the elements.

The Tui feeder makes a great gift for parents and grandparents and with Christmas only a little over 8 weeks away nows a good time to get your order in.

If  you wish to order a feeder or just want to learn a little more more about them click here


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