Attract Birds To Your Garden With This Smorgasbord Feeder

Unstained Smorgasbord Bird Feeder

Over the last month I’ve been thinking about designing a feeder that would cater for more of the birds that visit our garden.

Based on current sales the most popular bird feeder we sell is the standard 1.5 litre tui feeder but it has limitations as it only offers sweetened water. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching the tuis feeding and passionately believe that they warrant a special feeder all to themselves. We have three at various locations within our garden.

The photo above shows the smorgasbord feeder which is the latest addition to our ever growing range of bird feeders. Within just a few days of launching this new model one sold.

Smorgasbord Feeder

After making the  first prototype I hung the feeder on a nearby tree to assess the response and as expected it was soon discovered. As yet I haven’t see my friends the tuis feeding from it but shouldn’t take too long.

As tuis are very territorial I imagine some squabbles will take place on or around this new feeder. Tuis don’t like to share and will chase other birds away if they encroach into their personal space. Occasionally sparrows stop by to drink from their feeders but it’s usually a brief stop as the tuis swoop in at high speed to send them packing.

Smorgasbord Feeder Locking Bar

One minor teething problem I had whilst trialing the smorgasbord feeder was the feeding trays being blown away in high winds. To rectify I attached a adjustable bar which now keeps them in place. The birds also seem to appreciate this addition as it’s another great place to perch to check out the menu.

Now with all the various feeders about the place we must have some of the most spoilt birds around.

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  1. Jill
    Jill |

    Hi Rodney – the smorgasbord feeder looks good! But I have a bit of a problem at my place. We have approximately 300 sparrows in our immediate area (yep, they have been counted by a local ornithologist!)and most of them like to descend on our garden all at once for a meal. The little feeders I have tried just aren’t big enough and a few bolshie birds end up getting all the seed while others go hungry. To give all of them a chance at a bite to eat I’ve been broadcasting seed on the ground but have to stop that as it encourages rats, and the local cats come over to get the birds! I am not too handy with a hammer and saw, and would like to avoid building one myself if I can, so am wondering if you will be making anything suitable (like a really big hanging or pole-mounted tray table)in the forseeable future. Cheers, Jill

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