It’s Spring? … Time To Get Growing

The first few weeks of spring weather have been rather fickle so it’s been a matter of do I go ahead and plant or hold back for a little longer. My first row of carrots came to naught as we’ve had so many days of rain and the ground became water logged.

A week back I planted some more … has rained ever since, argh !

Row of Young Scarlet Runner Beans

Much better luck though with the Scarlet Runner and Borlotto beans as they’ve mostly come through minus a few that the slugs munched. Don’t quite understand why this happened as I put out plenty of slug pellets. Not really a big deal as I pushed in a few more seeds to replace those casualties.

Row of Beetroot Seedlings

Reliable as ever the beetroot above has germinated well but growth is slow as there’s not a lot of warmth in the soil just now, they will take off when we get more sunshine?

The a row of peas I put down several weeks back are now making an appearance so at least they help in giving my efforts some resemblance of a veggie patch.

New Peas Sprouting

Yesterday amidst the wind and rain the Black Krim and Beefsteak tomatoes seedlings were planted out however for the first few weeks they will be protected in mini shade houses. Erring on the safe side with these as they are going to be an important feature of this years garden.

I will be growing about six different varieties of tomatoes this year but that warrants a post another day.

To avoid damage to the plant’s root system it’s always a good idea to hammer the stakes in first.

Tomato Seedlings Protected Inside Mini Shade Houses

Due to the current poor weather part of me is is saying hold back but I’ve decided to take the bit between my teeth and get growing, albeit cautiously.

As any good gardener knows impatience is not a good trait but I can wait no longer as I have so many new and exciting things in mind for my 2009 garden.

There’s no turning back now so I’m out there to get down and dirty.

As always you’re most welcome to visit again to check hows things are growing.

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The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created spring. Bern Williams

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