How I Feed My Wonderful Worms – Part 2

Just over a week has passed since I fed my tiger worms so today it was time to see how they were faring.

Worm Bin Showing Consumed Food

Wow haven’t we been busy, the approximate 700gsm of food added last week has been consumed so it’s just a matter of adding a similar amount again. Each week the feeding area is rotated therefore the food goes to the opposing side of the bin.

Pulped Food Scraps in Worm Bin

Lastly I replace the sheets of damp newspaper and put the ventilated lid back on top of the bin. That’s the job done for another week.

The rest of our weekly food scraps along with shredded cardboard boxes, newspapers and other organic matter go into the larger bath worm farm which is situated in a shady spot behind the house.

Now that we have a several worm farms waste that would have normally been put into the garden compost bin goes into these. In many ways it’s much easier as I no longer have to turn and aerate the compost plus the added benefits of worm tea and castings.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a worm farm my advice is just do it, it’s a fun hassle free way to recycle.

Click here to learn more.

Dampened Newspapers on Top of Worm Bin

Interesting Worm Fact:
Worms are cold blooded and their body consists of up to 80% water.

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