Brandywine, Black Krim And Borlotto Beans

Vegetable Garden Ready for Planting

Over the last six months most of my gardening activities has just been hard work but now with the arrival of spring that’s about to change. Turning sods, double digging, shoveling horse manure and compost, installing trellis and edging on cold winter days hasn’t been a whole heap of fun however now I can enjoy the fruits or “vegetables” of my labour.

I’m itching to get started as this year my veggie patch will look very different with many new varieties. Sense that my enthusiasm may get the better of me but never mind, that’s the joy of growing your own.

As it all develops I will blog about my successes and failures, hopefully the failures will be few and in addition should learn a thing or two along the way.

Currently all bodes well as the  Borlotto beans have just broken through the top soil and the Black Krim and Brandywine seedlings are growing nicely in punnets up in the rumpus.

Borlotto Beans

I’ve never grown or tasted heirloom tomatoes before so I’m really looking forward to trying them, can’t wait, should be a treat!

Spring Seedlings in Trays

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