How I Feed My Wonderful Worms – Part 1

Now that “I have worms” each weekend I have one more chore on my list of things to do. To some it may appear a “little yucky” but for me its a nice relaxing diversion and I find it fascinating to see these amazing creatures going about their business. Up until about a month ago worms were just something I spotted when digging the garden and that was about the sum total of it.

Worms have taken on a whole new meaning now that I’m raising the little critters and selling worm farms. Currently I’m selling about one farm a week however I’m confident that it will take off when more folk learn of my new venture.

Bin Of Weekly Food Scraps

The organic goodies above is fairly typical of a week’s worth of our kitchen waste. Items such as fish, meat, dairy or citrus end up either in the garden compost bin or in a deep hole in the garden.

Container Of Mulched Scraps

To quicken the breaking down process for our friendly worms an old blender further reduces the scraps to an amount that fills a 2 litre ice cream container.

Active Worm Bin

After removing layers of damp newspaper I find that last week’s serving, about half a container, have been consumed. There’s about 2000 tiger worms in this bin.

Food Laid Out In Bin

Yes, it’s more of the same this week. Unlike my children these little guys ain’t too fussy. Each week I rotate the feeding position.

Worm Bin Covered With Damp Newspaper

Cover back on and bon appetite, see you same time same place next week.

Who said worm farming was hard work¬† … my cheeky younger brother if my memory serves me correctly. What would an ex dairy farmer know about worms any how?

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