You’ll Never Use That Trellis Dad!

Two Sections of Trellis

Isn’t it a treat when you prove your infallible teenage children wrong …. yes, ”wrong” oh I’m loving this. Such fun as I’ve been waiting months to write this post.

It all began one night back in December of last year when I wandered up the drive to leave our weekly rubbish bag at the main road. As I was about to make my way back I spotted 3 large sections of trellis lying on the grass verge and thought how useful they would be in the veggie garden. Our neighbour had put the trellis out for inorganic rubbish collection as they were making some changes to their front garden.

A number of slats on them were broken but they weren’t going to be difficult to repair so I quickly stacked the trellis’s behind the fence as I didn’t want anyone else going off with them. That done it was a race back to the house to muster help to carry them.

Well, what a reception I received, mainly from one who will remain nameless and who was adamant that “World of Warcraft” had precedence over some old trellis’s that his semi senile father had found on the road side.

“It’s late, it’s cold, it will still be there tomorrow, we’ll have to put them on the roof rack, blah blah blah”.

My response was, “look here guys if we all grab one each this job will take no more than 5 minutes, tops”. I’ve never paced the drive out but I don’t imagine its greater than 500 metres or more than a 5 minute walk.

After we had retrieved the trellis’s my helpers quickly vanished back into the night but I did hear mutterings of “you’ll never use that trellis Dad, just more junk around the house”. The photo above shows two section of trellis leaning against the rear wall of the garage.

Over the last 8 months I have slowly but surely repaired the trellis’s and have erected them in the garden ready for spring. As I completed each one I thought back with some amusement on that night when we hauled them home amidst protests that could be likened to those of a patient being carted off for a limb amputation.

Sure …  I’m exaggerating this “just a little” but why not, it’s a good story and I’ve really enjoyed writing it. Why can’t I stop smiling …  never mind.

Sorry son, what was that you said …  didn’t quite catch that …

Trellis in Garden

This first trellis was erected mid summer and now has a passion fruit vine growing on it.

Three Sections Of Garden Trellis

As of last week all three sections of trellis are finally in place. I wonder if that “you know who” will notice? The latest addition is the one to the left.

Favourite Quotes:
When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around.  But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years. Mark Twain

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  1. Virginia Thomas
    Virginia Thomas |

    Glad to read your posts and the pictures, you did a brilliant job of all, beautiful quotes and it reminds me once I was the young one and now I have the young one who does the same….

  2. Hilery - Desert Greenhouse Guide

    The trellis looks fantastic! The husband will chuckle when I tell him I want one. The famous saying around here is, “And I want to grow something on it!”

    And for the record, I have never said such a thing to my father… Ha ha!

  3. Lydia
    Lydia |

    My dad is a bit like you, in that he gathers all sorts of stuff but always finds a use for it. I admire his thinking :) His vege garden is always a delight and I’ve learnt heaps from him :)

  4. Lydia
    Lydia |

    Oh and I miss those old days when you could go on a Sunday scavenge to the rubbish tip. We’d find all sorts of great things there.

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