Spring -The Season Of Sensation

These new buds on one of the plum trees that I pruned about 3 weeks back signal that spring is near.


As I am an avid photographer I’m always on the lookout for that great shot so one rainy morning last week I downed my tools, grabbed the camera and went wandering in the garden. Due to the fact that there was poor light and close up images on slow shutter speeds to capture I also took the larger of my two tripods with me.

Of late the weather in Auckland has been milder and that magical feeling one gets as spring approaches was the motivation for getting out and about to take these shots.

Below: Another sure sign that spring is approaching is this cherry tree in full bloom. The nectar from it’s flowers is very much a favourite with the tuis.

Flowering Cherry in Full Bloom

Below: Magnolias always brighten our garden in late winter.

Magnolia Begins to Flower

Magnolia Tree in Bloom

Spring is my favourite time of year as it allows me to spend more time in my garden.

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