Tui Feeders … Going Up!

Pulley Attached To Tree Branch

“Mount it on a pole or hang it on a tree branch”.

Up until last week this had been my usual response when asked about the best and easiest way to install the tui feeder. The latest option is using a pulley wheel that allows the feeder to be set at what ever level you like.

Once the pulley is tied in place the feeder can be raised and lowered at one’s leisure. Lowering the feeder to waist level certainly makes the task of refilling the bottle much easier.

Raising the feeder to a reasonable height ensures that tuis and other birds can feed free from the threat of potential predators. Rats will no longer be able to steal the mix as was happening with one of our pole mounted feeders.

If you want to put your feeder on a pulley wheel we now carry them in stock. Details are available on the Garden Shop page.

“Word of caution”, tying the pulley to that high branch is probably better left to the younger more agile members of the family.

Washers On Tree Used to Position Feeder

These 20mm washers determine the final resting and refilling heights of the feeder.

Stabilising String Hooked To Nail

Once the feeder is raised to the required height the rope that prevents it from rotating in the breeze is hooked onto a small nail in the tree, as shown above. A thin piece of timber with a nail in the end of it is employed to hook the shackle over that same nail.

Now the feeder will stay in the right position for viewing the tuis and any other birds that may drop by for refreshments.

Tui Feeder on Pulley

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