The Tui, Me And NewstalkZB

Whilst working in my workshop this afternoon my ears pricked up when I heard NewstalkZB talk back host Danny Watson announced that it was tech Tuesday. Tech Tuesday is an opportunity for ZB listeners to tell the rest of New Zealand about their new projects and bright ideas.

Tui Feeder

During my younger years I would ring talk back radio fairly regularly, however these days its only on the very odd occasion. My family may not agree but its probably due to the fact that I’ve mellowed and am no longer trying to change the world. The work shop radio is usually on quietly in the background as I create and construct my various projects, therefore I’m able to keep abreast of the news worthy issues of the day.

Some days it gets the chop as it can be repetitive and negative.

This afternoon when Danny announced the 0800 801080 number I quickly grabbed  the phone beside my work bench and dialed without thinking because marketing has been on my mind of late and this offer was just too good to miss.

Welcome Rodney you’re the first caller through …

… what would you like to talk about ?”

“Um”  …  that’s a good question …

“Stay calm Rodney …  don’t  panic and blow it” … these were the thoughts racing through my mind.

Fortunately the station was about to break to the news so I had about five minutes to scribble down some main points and get my head together.

Obviously I wanted to get the most from my brief air time.

Considering this all happened on such short notice I feel I did okay but you be the judge as the conversation can be heard here.

As soon as Danny and I had said our good byes the office phone started ringing and the inquiries flooded in, it was pure magic.

How I would love to have that response every day.

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  1. John Pettit
    John Pettit |

    Hi Rodney, test run worked. Tui feeder prompt delivery, well packed, sturdy construction, comprehensive instructions included. Plenty advice available if required. I have stained, my choice, hung in crabapple tree, filled with sugared water, waiting for Tuis to discover, plenty of them around, usually out of sight.
    regards John

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