Death Of A Monarch

Praying Mantis & Monarch Butterfly

Several days ago I made mention of how nice it was to see the remaining monarch butterflies finally emerging from their chrysalis’s.

My pleasure proved to be very short lived however as the following day the monarch that had been preparing to fly off into the big blue yonder was no more, sadly “it was dead”.

My usual morning saunter took me past the front deck and that’s when I came upon this grizzly scene.

My first instinct was to deal with the offending praying mantis but thought better of that and decided to get my camera instead. The response from our daughter Daniela when she saw what had happened was, ” that’s gross” plus she was curious as to why I would want to photograph such an event.

The monarch was dead and I could do nothing to change that but I was feeling a little hostile toward the mantis as I’d been watching these chrysalis’s for the last six weeks.

Upon reflection it’s a little like seeing the zebra being brought down by the lioness and feeling sympathetic but also realising it’s just the way of nature.

After getting a few photos I carefully transported the praying mantis to a nearby tree in the hope it would not devour the other monarchs when they emerged.

I did read somewhere that praying mantis would eat monarchs but have never witnessed this before.

I found all of this somewhat tragic but fascinating!

Praying Mantis & Monarch

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