Monarchs Still Toughing It Out


Back on the 2nd May I made a comment that I thought the 12 or so Monarch chrysalis’s on our front deck would probably not survive due to the onset of winter.  Over the last six weeks their colour hadn’t changed significantly plus recently we had a couple of severe frosts so I assumed they were doomed.

But not so!

Much to my surprise yesterday I noticed that a butterfly had broken free and was preparing itself for departure.

The curious aspect to all this is that usually the metamorphosis of the Monarch takes approximately six to eight weeks whereas these guys have been hanging about in the pupal stage for six weeks.

Seems odd, perhaps when the weather turns colder the whole process slows down.

If anyone out there knows I would love to hear from them.

In my many years of observing Monarchs I’ve never seen them around this late before.

One reason why they have survived could be due to the fact that they are in a sheltered position under the eave of the house and have therefore escaped the worst of the weather.

Regardless of why it’s just nice to see them gracing our garden again.

Planter On Front Deck

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