No Garden Is Complete Without The Kitchen Sink

Rose says I spend so much time in the vegetable garden that next I’ ll be taking the kitchen sink out there.

Well guess what, that’s just what I’ve done!


When I spotted this sink on Trade Me a few weeks back I immediately began to visualize it on a stand in a corner of my garden laden with a colourful array of freshly harvested vegetables.

I just had to have it!

After some fierce bidding the auction closed and the following Saturday our youngest son Fraser drove me to Devonport on the North Shore to collect it.

During the afternoon I constructed the majority of the bench with the final touches being added a few days later.

When I run some plumbing down to the garden it will be complete. Washing those carrots and potatoes just got a whole lot easier.

Every vegetable garden should have one of these stainless beauties.

Since making this I’ve sold one other and have just completed a third.

Contact me or check out the products page if you wish to know more.

I’d love to make one of these for your garden.

If you’re not into gardening don’t worry they also work well as a fish filleting or bar be cue bench.

Previously many of these old sinks ended up in the rubbish but now they can be given a new lease of life and put to a useful purpose. They look great and will add extra character to that favourite corner of your garden.

My New Garden Sink

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  1. Nancee
    Nancee |

    How much would you charge for making a garden sink?

  2. Pat
    Pat |

    I have a garden sink similiar to the one shown, but I put a bucket underneath to catch the water and silt. This water is used to water containers and any other plants near by.

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