A Big Welcome To My Friends “The Tuis”

One of the highlights of the Queens Birthday long weekend besides celebrating my birthday was some time I spent engaged in boisterous banter with some friendly Tuis.

Monday was a holiday but never the less I was up early as a busy day had been planed. For some months now I’ve been wanting to erect the second of three trellis I have leaning against the back wall of the garage. One is in the vegetable garden already but there’s two more that need to be put up.

Garden Trellis

Keen as mustard I set about getting the necessary tools and materials ready for the task at hand but just as I began digging the first hole for the support posts my mates the Tui’s started to drop by. Not only were the taking their fill of the sugared water from the feeder they were chortling away almost to the point of distraction.

Sometimes I’m easily distracted!

From what I could see there seemed to be three of them and they certainly weren’t put off by my presence as they were landing within just a few meters.

Tui On Feeder

After watching them for about 30 minutes it was time to get back to work.  Erecting the trellis went with out a hitch so now there’s only one more to put up.

Now that I’ve successfully trialed the feeder and have made several improvements to it I’m happy and eager to market it. Within the last two days I have several enquiries so that’s promising.

One of the changes that has been made are the 4 sight holes on the front as before it was difficult to see the level of the sugared water mix. Another addition which will make installation much easier are the eye hooks on the roof as this now means it can be hung rather than being screwed down onto a post or something similar.

From the Tui’s point of view this second option is probably better and safer as the unit can be positioned well away from any predators such as cats.

Tui Feeder

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  1. Aimee Ward
    Aimee Ward |

    Hi there!

    We have just moved to New Zealand (Dunedin), and the Tuis are our favorite – they have the most unusual song I’ve ever heard! We want to encourage them to stay in our yard … how much are you charging for your birdfeeder?


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