These Boots Are Made For … Growing Herbs

My Old Gumboots

I have two pairs of these Red Band gumboots (they’re bit of a Kiwi icon) but recently these ones started to let in water so it appeared that their use by date was up. Normally they would have gone into the rubbish but this year I’ve decided to grow more herbs so “these boots” have been put to good use and have therefore gained a reprieve. I’ve been wearing Red Band ever since I was knee high helping my Dad in the cowshed and no, I don’t have Skellerup shares!

Reminds me of that song by Nancy Sinatra.

Yes I know I’m showing my age!

Now they have a few more holes in them as those that let the water in to wet my socks were not big enough to let sufficient water back out again. Half a dozen holes drilled in each boot at sole level should now allow sufficient drainage.

That completed I filled the boots with a mixture of horse manure and potting mix. My parsley and chives should flourish on such a lovely rich brew.

We need to take better care of our environment as well as recycling whenever possible. These boots will look much better in my garden rather than in some ugly leaching landfill.

Watching this video certainly brings a smile to my face as well as some fond memories of bygone days. Hard to believe that this song was released in 1966, seems just like yesterday.

What does this have to do with gardening you may say?

Absolutely nothing, but sometimes it’s good for one’s spirit to deviate and just reminisce.

Gumboots, growing herbs and Nancy Sinatra …  this has to be my strangest blog post ever.

Favourite quotes:
Where words fail, music speaks. Hans Christian Andersen

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  1. Steve
    Steve |

    I bought the gardening/fish filleting table from Rod the other day, what a fantastic product, I will certainly recommend to others.

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