Fascinating Fungi


Most mornings after breakfast I take a casual stroll around our property to see what’s new and to ensure all is in order. So that I don’t get distracted the camera remains on my office desk but sometimes it’s a hurried return to the house to fetch it.

Drat, why didn’t I bring the camera? This is usually what I mutter as I race back.

Last Friday was such a morning.

Whilst meandering I noticed a mass of toadstools that had sprung up over night, or so it seemed. Standing there taking in this enchanting scene was soon followed by a nervous twitch in my shutter finger. When this happens there’s only one course of action to follow.

The morning was overcast, moody and misty plus the lighting was perfect but I could feel spits of rain so haste was needed if I was to capture that “magical shot”.

I’ll let you be the judge.

Toadstools 01

Toadstools 02

Toadstools 03

Toadstools 04

Toadstools 05

Toadstools 06

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