Success: At Last The Waiting Is Over

Celebrations are the order of the day as I’ve spotted a Tui feeding from the prototype liquid bird feeder I made several months back.

Bird Feeder

Actually to keep the record straight I didn’t notice the Tui feeding until Steve from Eden Garden Care pointed it out to me. At the time he and his wife Suzanne were on a guided tour of the garden as I had invited them to view my latest garden creations, namely the strawberry tower and the garden sink bench.

I had almost forgotten about the feeder as I’ve been working on other things lately but this momentous event was certainly the highlight of my day if not my whole week. It wasn’t that I feared the Tui’s wouldn’t come it was just how long would it take them. Most days I hear them singing in the trees but until now no signs of them using the feeder.

Initially when I erected the feeder it seemed that the sugared water was being enjoyed by every dirty rat (four legged variety) in the district. A trap clamped to the feeder table soon put the brakes on their nocturnal shenanigans. Every couple of days after that I would discover yet another rodent wearing a tight fitting metal collar.

Have some photos but who wants to see dead rats?

Oh … you do!

In that case contact me and I’ll email you some photos.

Obviously keeping them at bay would be an ongoing and unwanted chore so I fashioned a slippery sleeve from a lemonade bottle which has stopped them from climbing  the waratah standard.

Lemonade Bottle Rat Barrier

As  mentioned in my original post these feeders would not be for sale until I was sure that they would be successful. Now that goal has been achieved I need to crank up the production line and make some more. If you’re interested let me know as I’m happy to take orders. A weeks notice would be fine.

Isn’t it great when a plan finally comes together.

Patience and perseverance wins over yet again. Think I will treat myself to a bottle of wine this weekend for a job well done.

If you live in Manurewa, Papatoetoe or Manukau and need any lawn mowing or garden maintenance done give Steve and Suzanne Williams of “Eden Garden Care” a call on 0274-801536 or 09-2677824. Tell them Rodney recommended them.They’re top notch operators.

Favourite Quotes:
In order to see the birds it is necessary to become part of the silence.
Robert Lynd

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  1. Steve
    Steve |

    Hi there,

    I’m interested in one of your liquid bird feeders. How much are they? I’ve just moved to Pakuranga and a tree-less back yard and I’m missing the Tui song I enjoyed in Howick. Do you think a flax bush or two and your feeder will help?

    Even if I don’t get tui some bird life would be nice :-)


  2. Natalie Aitken
    Natalie Aitken |

    Hi there
    I’ve just been brought up to date with this post and would really like a feeder. I put some sugar water in a red dog bowl out for the tuis last year which after getting diluted in a deluge has been taken over by the wood pigeons.They just love wallowing in it, ignoring the bird bath. They really squash themselves in and look so comical.

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