Growing Up With Strawberries – Part 3

Clay Pipe on Strawberry Tower

The weather forecasters were slightly adrift with their predictions however there wasn’t enough rain over the weekend to stop me from completing my strawberry tower.

Yes I know it’s an unexciting name but it will suffice until I conjure up something a little more glamorous. By now my neighbours must be thinking either a UFO has landing or that some of my screws have finally come loose.

Anyhow who cares?  … I had a great time making this.

On Friday afternoon my younger brother and his wife dropped by en route to Canada for a three weeks holiday.

Whats that’s?  they asked with some amusement.

Rather obvious I thought but after explaining their response still was … ” We thought you grew strawberries in the ground”.

Yeah right !

Have to make allowances as they’re from the country and don’t know how we life stylers do things.

Completed Strawberry Tower

The next step in this process is obviously growing some strawberries but that will have to wait till nearer spring. In the meantime it’s back to planting more cabbages, broccoli and brussels sprouts.

As I need to build a bigger compost bin and a sink bench in my garden I suspect there’s another project is in the offing.

Due to the lesser number of vegetables one can be growing in winter it’s a great time to brainstorm new ideas and to finish off all those odd jobs.

To be continued …

Please let me know what you think of my new garden addition (hate or love it) and the variety of strawberry I could grow in it. Any recommendations would be most welcome because at the moment I’m unsure.

Favourote Quotes:
The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses. Hanna Rion

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