Who Left That Empty Toilet Roll On The Cistern?

This may sound like an unusual topic to write about for a blog (no I don’t mean bog) about vegetable gardening.

Empty Toilet Roll

There are five adults in our house and hardly a week goes by without Rose asking the above question, bless her sweet heart! Three of these are of the male variety so that narrows the field some what. As I would never dream of committing such a heinous crime that just leaves two.

As the purpose of this post is not to apportion blame I will keep my suspicions as to who the culprits may be to myself.

They know who they are!

This ongoing mystery however “got me a thinking” as to what I could use these for rather than just throwing them into the recycle bin.

Rather obvious really …  problem solved!

Use them in the garden for planting out all those seedlings.

Making The First Cut

Making the first cut

Fold Down Tabs

Folding down the tabs

Folded Down Tabs

Another eco friendly container completed

Adding Seed Raising Mix

Adding some seed raising mix

Adding 2 to 3 Seeds

Adding 2 to 3 cabbage seeds and covering with thin layer of seed mix

Keep Seeds Secure With Paper Clip

All done ... remaining seeds returned to packet and secured with paper clip

Now that I’ve found a use for these they shouldn’t lay around the house for too long at all … “the boss” will be pleased.

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