Growing Up With Strawberries – Part 1

Old Clay Pipes

When I spotted these old clay field pipes on Trade Me last week I immediately started to imagine an eye catching feature in my garden with these pipes neatly arranged to accommodate my first crop of strawberries.

The temptation of it all was just too much. These days I’m tempted by the “simple things” in life.

I had to have them!

After some fierce bidding I finally won through for a price of $17. Can’t be bad, less than a $1 a pipe. Even if this project turns out to be a dismal failure which I’m sure it won’t, it’s certainly no bank breaker.

Trade Me is a wonderful place to buy plants, seeds, whirligigs, thingamajigs and other bits of “useful junk” for your garden.

Surprisingly in all my years of gardening I’ve never grown strawberries as I always felt they weren’t worth the effort. Admittedly part of this current attraction is not only growing the fruit but making the contraption for them to grow on.

Should be challenging and lots of fun.

As at the time of writing I’ve cleaned the pipes and they sit neatly on the laundry deck awaiting the next stage in the process. Amazing what a little water, a scrubbing brush and some elbow grease can do.

Stage two is still on the old grey matter drawing board … an old wagon wheel might work ! … food for thought.

Let me know if you have one or two in your back yard as I’m on the hunt.

Any how stay in touch as there will be future updates and hopefully plenty of strawberries.


Thanks to Bevan and Nikkie for allowing me to use their Trade Me photo.

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