Starting Your First Vegetable Garden

Beginnings of New Garden

When my wife returned home this evening and saw what I was doing out the back she was some what concerned and asked why was I digging this sinister looking hole in the lawn. I assured her that she need not worry as this was just the beginnings of a second vegetable garden. I think she believed me?

Our current garden is about 36 square metres but its not quite large enough for a good crop of potatoes so I’m digging up a further 30 metres.

Starting a garden is second nature to me as I’ve done it many times before therefore it’s hard to imagine that some folk may not know how to go about it. Because of this my intention is to document the whole process step by step so those first time veggie gardeners can see how easy it really is.

Over the next few weeks hopefully I can answer some of the typical questions that arise.

Questions such as:

  1. Where is the best spot to locate my garden ? more …
  2. What size should I make itmore …
  3. Should I draw up a garden plan ? more …
  4. What tools will I need ?
  5. How much time each week do I need to spend in my garden ?
  6. What type of soil do I have ?
  7. How will I cultivate and prepare the soil ?
  8. Is my garden going to be organic ?
  9. What vegetables can and should I grow ?
  10. Should I raise my plants from seeds or use nursery seedlings ?
  11. When can I start planting ?
  12. How will I protect my garden from natural invaders, pests and disease ?
  13. How often should I water my garden ?
  14. When should I fertilise my garden ?
  15. How do I know when my vegetables are ready to harvest ?
  16. If there is anything I’ve overlooked please feel free to contact me or leave a comment. I will do my best to help.

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