Cemetery For Garden Tools

From time to time every gardener has to decide what to do with that favourite spade or rake that has given up the ghost. What happens to your garden tools when they have reached the point of “not working” anymore?

Grans Broken Spade

Unlike myself I suspect 99% of gardeners just “turf them out”.

Some years back whilst digging a hole to plant or install “something or other” I broke my treasured steel handled spade. Even though I’m not one of these gardeners who cleans and oils their tools after every outing I still have an appreciation for good tools. This spade was in that category plus it had sentimental value as it had been passed down by my dear old gran. She had probably used it for 30 years prior to giving it to me.

When it came to gardening there wasn’t much that lady didn’t know. Especially loved taking cuttings from other peoples gardens with usually a ninety nine percent success rate.

“Darn it,” that was a good spade … I didn’t quite say that.

As it was now completely kaput and in two halves I had to decide what to do with it?

Can’t throw it out, too much history, too many fond memories.

At the time of this incident I had just finished building a gazebo at the back of our house so I decided to find a pride of place for it there.  After drilling holes in each piece I nailed them to the inside of one of the gazebo’s roof trusses.

Now when I sit there to take time out to meditate or escape the summer heat I always  look up and am reminded of my much loved green fingered grandmother. A big  part of what I’ve learnt about gardening has come about from watching and listening to her.

Since that spade there have been a number of other tools that have found their way to what I now affectionately call my “garden tool cemetery”. Each one has a story to tell.

My petrol powered weed eater has recently packed it in …  where will  I hang that? …  as always your comments are welcome.

Old Hedge Clippers

Old Edge Trimmer

Garden Gazebo

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