Unusual Garden Visitor

This morning as I wandered out to check the vegetable garden, now a morning ritual, I spotted a most unusual visitor on one of the seats on our front deck. First thought was to grab the camera but upon closer inspection I could see that the dragonfly was going no where.

It was dead, no need to panic  …

Amazing Dragonfly

How it died and ended up perfectly intact on our deck remains a mystery. It’s wings were covered in early morning dew so I brought it indoors to dry off.  These photos were taken later this afternoon. We don’t normally see many dragonflies around the property, certainly none as big as this. (Approximately 7cm in length with a wingspan of 10cm.)

Prior to posting this I did a little searching in the hope I could identify this amazing insect but no joy.

If you can help to identify this dragonfly it would be greatly appreciated.

Dragonfly Showing Wingspan

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