My Garden Rocks!

In my last post I mentioned that I had messed up big time and my vegetable garden was not as productive as it should have been. It all came about one Saturday afternoon as I was helping unpack the weekly groceries and casually asked about a lettuce and how much it had cost.

“C’mon pull the other one, you’ve got to be joking”.

“I could grow a better lettuce than that and besides who know what nasties they’ve sprayed on it”.

It looked like your typical picture perfect, blemish free supermarket specimen, too good to be true …  let alone healthy?

Grow a better lettuce?  for sure, but there was one major problem.

We don’t have a garden and already it’s late November. August and September is the time to be turning and preparing the ground.

Say no more … where’s that spade?

Little did I know what lay ahead, or should I say, what lay just below the surface.

Turning The First Turf

As it’s November 21st my plan to get things growing quickly is to dig  just enough ground to get a few rows of veggies under way. After a hurried trip to the garden center I have tomato, cabbage and lettuce seedlings plus a various assortment of seeds. I’m thinking this is just like the good old days when I had a garden to boast about.

Sadly my new found enthusiasm was about to be severely dampened.

I start to dig … Whoa …  what’s that?

Each time I pushed the spade into the lawn I hit what seemed to be rock. After several hours of sweaty back breaking toil (no exaggeration, plus it’s proving to be a hot November) I realise that I’m probably above some old farm track as all the pieces are of a consistent size.

The land here was all used for farming previously and only in recent years has it been subdivided into life style blocks.

Just my misfortune to position my new garden on top of some cow cocky’s track!

Anyhow there’s no stopping now, I’ve a garden to create. Onward and unfortunately downward.

Hard Going

Over the next few weeks Fraser (our youngest son) and I slowly but surely finished turning all the sods and finally we have a garden of sorts. Most of the rocks have been removed but the soil needs more cultivation along with compost and fertilizer.

Time doesn’t allow for this as spring is almost over so it’s a matter of lets see what result we can get. I had already resolved to be more organised for the next gardening season.

The morale to this story, if there is one, don’t leave starting your garden to the eleventh hour and secondly and most importantly “listen to you wife or partner as sometimes they do actually know what they are talking about“.

All the effort, frustration and frivolity has been well worth it as we ended up with a reasonable garden and loads of tasty fresh veg.

I think the rest of the family would agree?

Photo below shows the Dunn’s veggie patch at it’s prime …

If you’ve started your own veggie garden recently feel free to leave a comment as I would be interested to hear about it.

New Garden End Result

Favourite Quotes:
A garden is never so good as it will be next year. Thomas Cooper

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