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Recently someone asked me what type of birds are likely to use this style of feeder?

Bird Feeder

Even though I’ve been making these bird feeders for some years now I’ve never given much thought as to what birds species frequented them.

When I designed the first prototype I was looking for an easy and environmentally friendly way to get rid of food scraps from the kitchen. The above question from a potential buyer was in the form of an email so I needed to draft a convincing yet factual reply.

The birds I’ve seen taking snacks are these:

I’m sure there are probably others.

Hopefully I can add more to this list as I will now pay closer attention.

When I get some spare time I will take some photos … great, another project.

Native birds don’t appear to use the feeders because they are more particular as far as diet is concerned. This winter I intend to start feeding them as well.

The most compelling  reason however for installing the bird feeders (there are 4 scattered around our lifestyle block) was to discourage the greedy and often bad mannered Pukeko from eating all the left overs.

Around here they are the school bullies and other birds just don’t get a look in. These notorious characters justify a blog post solely devoted to themselves so I’ll leave that for another day!

Before the feeders it was a free for all as we threw “the scraps” down the hill near our property’s back boundary. Feeding and attracting the native Pukeko can have catastrophic side effects for a passionate gardener like myself.

As far as I’m concerned “Pooks” as many people affectionately call them, are enemy number one. Not only do they eat almost anything and everything they can also raise a gardener’s blood pressure to dangerous levels.

Watch out for my post on “Pooks”, I assure you it will be interesting and amusing!

This season they have ravaged my sweetcorn, potatoes, beetroot, cucumbers, passion fruit, plums, feijoas, young ducklings and the list goes on …

Oddly they they haven’t tried the “tomatoes” yet, perhaps they are colour blind. Crazy me, I’m tempting fate by just mentioning the word, tomato.

Juicy Beefsteak Tomatoes

During my younger years on the family farm my brothers and I used to shoot them. I would have the armed offenders squad knocking on our door if I resorted to that here.

The Pukeko is a native of New Zealand and as such is protected however they can be shot during the duck shooting season which opens on the first Saturday in May.

Machining bird feeder components
Making bird feeder components

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