Beetroot- It’s Sow Easy To Grow

Cutting Off Beetroot Tops

On Saturday afternoon I pulled a second harvest of beetroot and was pleasantly surprised how easy it is to prepare and cook. With a little input from “the boss” I cooked up a large saucepan full.

The most difficult part was making sure it didn’t boil over as I kept wandering back out to the garden with the camera.

Trying to do two jobs at once.

Should know by now that my wife and daughter are the only one’s in our household that can do that.

Peeling the beetroot after about a hour cooking was easy as the skins just peeled away with the smallest amount of pressure. Unlike the first time when I ended up with very crimson hands I solved the problem by keeping them under running water.

Next we sliced the beetroot into a mixture of white vinegar, water (liquid that beetroot was boiled in) and sugar. My old Mum always used malt vinegar but I don’t know if that’s available nowadays.

Lastly, the bowl was covered with Gladwrap and into the fridge … all done, easy and by one who possesses only the most basic of culinary skills.

Have read that roasting beetroot in the oven brings out all the flavour so will try that next time.

Washed Beetroot

Detroit Dark Reds ( Beta vulgaris – crassa )

As I write this I’m wondering why beetroot has never featured in any of my gardens. Weird really as that’s a period of almost 30 years.

The simple answer is and yes my lovely wife had to remind me “again” that my mother and grandmother always kept us supplied with bottled beetroot.

I knew there had to be a simple explanation to this mystery!

Sadly those days are gone as Super Gran as our children knew her passed away and my mother is now getting too old for sweating over a hot stove and Ajax preserving jars. I think that’s what they were called.

I can still picture her the old farm house working over the coal range stove surrounded by a mass of bottling jars. It was hot hard work considering it was done in the midst of summer. My Dad (also now passed on) loved gardening and always had a huge garden to keep us in vegetables. Back in those days if it could be preserved it normally was.

This year’s solitary row of beetroot has disappeared rather quickly so next spring (yes this one is now over) it may need to be at least two or more.

The garden is already fairly large (approx 45sq mtrs) but I can see it getting  much bigger next year.

Watch this space.

Bowl Of Beetroot

Needed to be quick to get a photo of this tempting treat before our 18 year son discovered it in the fridge.

Favourite Quotes:
If you would be happy your whole life long, Become a gardener. Old Chinese Proverb

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